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rust proof metal primer


Rust proofing--Sound Deadening--Insulating
Coating for Automotive and Steel Applications

A Space Age solution to the age-old problem of Rust, Condensation, High Heat &  Sound Control in Autos, Commercial Vehicles, Marine, Industrial Pipelines and Storage Tanks.

Insulating Paint-Coating

A Rust preventive, heat insulating, sound deadening coating containing a blend of space age ceramic insulating microspheres and an industry standard setting anti-corrosion resin.
By combining the thermal heat blocking and soundproofing properties of Hy-Tech insulating ceramic microspheres, and a time tested rust preventative resin you can now not only protect your Auto, Farm equipment, RV, Industrial Storage Tanks etc from rust but also gain the additional soundproofing and heat resisting properties of Insulating Ceramic Microspheres, the NASA developed technology for blocking extremely high heat in spacecraft.
The rust preventative resin contains a dispersion of an inorganic-organic complex, oxidized petroleum and microcystalline wax in solvent.
The complex compound is very polar and forms excellent bonds with ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Metal Shield also shows excellent electrical resistivity and very low moisture vapor transmission rates.
Our product is comparable to PVC, Teflon, Polyethene, Bakelite, Nylon and Plexiglass.

Metal Shield resins are used over existing coatings systems on Bridges and other metal surfaces to encapsulate lead base paint, asbestos and prevent corrosion. This single component product displaces moisture and does not lift existing coatings. The base resin is highly corrosion resistant providing several thousand hours of salt fog resistance.

The insulating ceramic microspheres not only aid in reducing sound transmission but the heat reflecting properties of the vacuum ceramic beads will reduce the heat transfer on any surface to which it is applied by refracting, reflecting, and dissipating radiant heat thus reducing heat build-up and heat transfer.
One coating...Prevents rust, Insulates and deadens sound.
See the many uses for Metal Shield

NOTE: Metalshield offers the Ultimate in rust control and is a soft, rubber like coating when dry. Metalshield cannot be painted over with ANY other paints or coatings. It is intended for use on areas not subjected to touch and abrasion such as bridges, towers, bilges,auto underbodies, pipelines above and below ground, above ground storage tanks, and silos, etc. If over coating is necessary we recommend our # 18 Metal-Prime, a hard drying rust inhibiting primer that will accept any type of finish paint.

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